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Q: How do I order a wedding/occasion cake? I also have some specific questions. How can I get more info?
 A: I'm so glad you asked! Click on "Create My Cake" at the top right corner, I'll send you a link to schedule a phone consultation. During this short call,
I'll chat with you about your wedding design, explain the cake ordering process, and answer all of your questions.
Q: When should I order my wedding cake?
A: 4-6 months in advance is what I suggest, because of the amount detail and attention it takes to create each wedding cake.
I recommend securing your date on my calendar, because like a hotel once booked for the week I stop taking orders. If your wondering whether
your date is still open, please fill out a inquiry form and I'll let you know.
Q: How much will my wedding cake cost?
A: The cost will be discussed further with a consult-price is based on: servings needed from small to large, design, flavors, special requests-its
an all inclusive price and NOT per serving size.
Q: Do you offer cake stand rental for my cake or cupcakes? 
A: No, not at this time. Although I can consult with you on buying one or refer out. 
Q: How do the cake tastings work?
A: Cake tastings are $40 and include four cake flavors of your choice from the "Cake Flavors" page. The $40 will go towards your cake should you decide to book. I'll make enough for you to try during and then after to take home. It typically lasts 45-60 minutes long and I'll cover the 4 steps to selecting a wedding cake. I"ll help you create a custom wedding cake. Design: Please bring in any color swatches, pictures, wedding invitation, color palette, venue style information with you. Price: I will go over the price packages also based on your budget and wedding needs. At some point, once I have all of the information I'll create a sketch of the wedding cake design, to approve until your happy with it. Booking: If you would like to move forward, I will help you with that, while your date is still available.
Q: How far in advance should I schedule my cake tasting & consult?
A: I offer cake tasting within 12 months of your wedding date. Its highly recommended that you schedule your tasting once you have a good sense of the overall design of your wedding. If you would like to include any fresh flowers on your cake, its best to have met with your florist before scheduling your cake tasting and consult.

  Q: How many people can come to the wedding cake tasting & consult?
        A: Limited to 4 people It’s ideal to have all the decision makers there. For example, the happy couple and who ever is paying for the cake! Also, no children are allowed in this appointment, please make other arrangements. -Q: Location of consult? A: It can either be on a zoom call OR at a cafe, your preference, comfortability. For 
larger parties I would just discuss details over the phone. 
        Q: If the bride or groom cannot make the appointment, can someone sit in for them?
        A: Yes, someone may sit in for the bride or groom. Please note we only offer one consultation. However, if unforeseen circumstances come up please let me know as soon as possible and we can reschedule it. (Please note: this is on a case by case basis only)
       Q: I want to serve desserts along with my cake. Do you offer these?
       A: No not at this time, the reason is because its just myself working on your cake. The time that I do have is spent perfecting every detail of your cake, design, delivery & set up.
      Q: Do you make vegan, dairy free, gluten-free, or nut free cakes?
      A: Yes, but only for "All Occasion cakes" not for wedding cakes at this time. 
      Q: Do you deliver your cakes?
      A: Yes I do! I offer delivery for wedding & other special occasion cakes of all sizes.
           Wedding & All Occasion cakes: start at $45 for delivery if local to the Ann Arbor area- outside of that there will be an additional charge based on mileage.
      Q: I see some cakes online that have 1 or 2 tiers that are fake and the other tier that is real cake, do you make these?
      A: I do not make these cakes. The reason is because its takes the same amount of overall: time, cost & ingredients to create that type of
           cake. And I would much rather create an entire real cake so that everyone can enjoy it. It also does not save money to do this.
     Q: For bachelorette parties do you make explicit body part cakes?
     A: No, I don't. They are not my style, or desired type of cake to make. Other bakeries might, but I do not.
     Q: I don't see decorated sugar cookies in your portfolio, do you make these? 
     A: No, not at this time, but I might in the future. 

     Cake Care:
     Enjoy the cakes responsibly. For maximum flavor and ideal texture, let chilled cakes come to room temperature for at least 2-3 hours before serving.
     Store at room temperature for up to 3 days. Need to store it longer? Refrigerate it. OR Freeze it-with plastic wrap.
      *If your cake has pastry cream, whipped cream, or cream cheese, please keep it refrigerated until ready to serve.

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Most people don't know that I:

my family. 

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spend time at home.

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seeing the bride's dress & final wedding cake.

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be a pastry chef teacher.

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a large coffee in my hand.

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