All things Serving Sizes

For special occasions-"party servings" like birthdays or anniversaries, I'm pleased to offer both round layer cakes and sheet cakes tailored to fit your desired guest list. Each piece is designed with care, ensuring everyone receives a slice of the occasion's sentiment.

However, for weddings, I focus solely on our customized tiered designs. This choice reflects my commitment to ensuring every guest experiences the same high-quality, intricately designed portion of the couple's unique love story represented in the cake. It's a part of my dedication to delivering a consistent, premium experience for such momentous celebrations. 
*Please note the number of servings to the left is for- 4 in high for both round & sheet cakes*

Size                       Party/Event Servings                           Wedding Servings      Cupcakes 
Shape                            Round                                                     Round                                               
6 in.                                12                                                              12                              12 (1 dozen) - 1 flavor per dozen 
9 in.                                20                                                             24
10 in.                               28                                                             38
12 in.                               40                                                             56
9 by 13in.                      36            Quarter Sheet

Round 2 Tier-
              54        Equivalent to a Half Sheet
9' (1Serves 14) & 12 ' (Serves 40)                              
Party Servings- 3 layers cake with 2 layers frosting of filling inside
Wedding Servings- 4 layers cake with 3 layers frosting & filling inside- Refer to image top left
Sheet Cakes- 2 layers of cake with 1 layer of frosting & filling
*Anything above 54 servings- (Half Sheet cake) you would need to consider a tier cake for large parties/event

Serving Sizes- All Occasion Cakes