THE cake experience

"Working with Taste Your Dreams was everything I hoped it would be. Melissa's process is smooth, personal, and stress-free. I can't recommend Melissa enough!"  -Cynthia James

"From the moment I saw Melissa's work, I knew she needed to be our wedding cake creator. Not only is her work stunning, but the experience she provides is truly unmatched." -Jenny David

I took a lot of time to create 3 Wedding Cake Packages all inclusive= The Cake Experience. These are only suggestive ways I can design your cake. However, I'm open to discuss other design elements with you; as there are so many cake design styles to choose from. Below are 3 personalized ways to  achieve an all encompassing wedding cake that checks off every box on your wish list. 
Inspiration Points: to help you design your custom cake:
  • First Date 
  • Long Distance 
  • First Trip/ Vacations
  • Hobbies Together
  • Careers
  • Engagement location 
  • Favorites: colors, flowers, sports
  • Pets & Children 

Your Love Story should be told, captured, and celebrated.

The Cake Experience 

*Prices aren't listed because every event is custom whether your a small or large party I will create your full customized cake. I didn't want to box anyone in on fixed prices for that reason. Prices are also subject to change. 

Dive into a specially designed cake artistry with hand-painted landscapes and florals, designed to echo your relationship's unique journey. Each brushstroke brings to life the memories you cherish.

  • Design: Your cake will be hand-painted with white chocolate ganache, covered in fondant, and completed with a 3D oil painting with luster dust and oil.
  • Flavors: During our tasting session, I'll present a carefully curated list. While our primary goal is to select flavors that resonate with your love story, we'll also consider crowd-pleasing options to ensure all your guests have a delightful experience. Depending on the number of tiers and your preferences, you can select up to two distinctive flavors for your cake.
  • Delivery & Setup: Rest easy knowing that I'll take care of this. I'll ensure your cake reaches your venue safely and is presented in all its glory.
  • Flower Arrangement: A touch of floral elegance will be added if you wish, arranged perfectly to enhance your cake's beauty. If the flowers are real Vs. Edible- I'll use white chocolate at the ends to make them food safe
  • 1st Year Anniversary Surprise: When your first anniversary rolls around, relive the magic with a complimentary 6-inch re-creation of your wedding cake. Also, share with me something positive you've discovered about each other during the year, and I'll incorporate it into the cake's design.

What's Included:

Minimum: 100 Servings

 Package #1: Landscapes of Love

Your love story is a journey, evolving and growing over time. This cake is not just a treat to your taste buds but a tribute to your love's evolution.

  • Design: The tiers can illustrate your progression—from the days when you were individuals, to your favorite dating spots, your shared dreams, and finally, the proposal and the bright future ahead.
  • Flavors: As we journey through your love story during our tasting session, you'll have the chance to intertwine your unique love milestones with flavors that evoke the same emotions. While celebrating your love is paramount, we'll also keep in mind the diverse tastes of your guests, ensuring everyone partakes in your joy deliciously. Remember, each cake tier will represent a different phase, hence a different flavor.
  • Delivery & Setup: I've got you covered. Your cake will be delivered and set up, ensuring it looks as enc
  • Flower Arrangement: Flowers, representing the blossoming of your love, will be elegantly arranged to elevate your cake's design. If the flowers are real Vs. Edible- I'll use white chocolate at the ends to make them food safe
  • 1st Year Anniversary Treat: Rekindle those wedding day memories with a complimentary 6-inch cake. Reflect on the past year, and tell me something new and beautiful you've discovered about your spouse, and I'll paint it on the cake. 

What's Included:

Package #2: Evolution of Love

What's Included:

Every stage of your love has its own flavor, its own essence. Instead of stacking those layers, why not let each stage shine individually?
  • Design: Each cake will be displayed separately, showcasing the varying stages of your relationship. From the initial spark to deep commitment, each tier tells a chapter of your story.
  • Theme: The overarching theme will be "love." The intricacies will depend on the number of tiers, ranging from subtle hints of affection to bold declarations of commitment.
  • Flavors: Our tasting session will be an exploration. Each cake on the table represents a stage of your relationship. Together, we'll choose flavors that not only mirror your love journey but also delight the diverse palates of your guests, creating a memorable tasting experience for all. Each cake tier, symbolizing a different chapter of your love, will feature its own chosen flavor.
  • Delivery & Setup: Let me handle the logistics. Each cake will be safely delivered and beautifully arranged to tell your love story.
  • Flower Arrangement: Blooms will be placed, intertwining with your cakes, to illustrate the growth and blossoming of your love. If the flowers are real Vs. Edible- I'll use white chocolate at the ends to make them food safe
  • 1st Year Anniversary Delight: Celebrate one year of marital bliss with a complimentary 6-inch cake. Share with me how your love story has evolved over the year, and I'll translate that into a delicious design.
  • With these updates, your packages emphasize both the personal journey of the couple and the enjoyment of their guests.

Package #3- The Art Gallery of Love