When you choose to work with me, my aim is to ensure your cake design journey is not only seamless but also deeply personal. Here’s how we’ll collaboratively turn your dream cake into a reality:
Setting Our Meeting: Before we dive into details, let's set the tone. We can either have a cozy chat over a Zoom call or, if you'd prefer, meet up at a local coffee shop. It’s all about what makes you most comfortable.
1. Before We Meet:
Ahead of our meeting, please click on "Create Your Cake" and complete the contact form. This will help you share your ideas, preferences, and themes. And if there's a cake design you've admired, I'd love to see it! 
2Our Consultation:
  • Understanding Your Vision: Together, we’ll discuss your overall aspirations for the wedding – colors, themes, vibes, and of course, the cake flavors.
  • Clarifying Your Taste: Tell me about the cake styles you've been dreaming of, and if there's anything specific you’d rather avoid.
  • Setting a Budget: It's important we discuss your budget upfront so I can align my suggestions seamlessly with it. Pricing: The price will depend on how many servings are needed, and most importantly on what the design is. I don't charge per serving, it's more like a range of servings and the design. The more detail that the cake is the more the price will increase. 
3.Visualizing Your Dream Cake: View "The Wedding Cake Package" page-
  • Crafting a Mood Board: Based on our conversation, I’ll create a visual mood board. This will give you a clearer picture and aid in refining your choices.
  • Sketching Begins: I’ll draft some rough sketches. We can make tweaks easily at this stage.
  • Incorporating Your Feedback: Your insights are invaluable. We’ll keep refining until you fall in love with the design.
4. Detailing Out:
  • We'll explore potential additional costs, maybe due to some exotic ingredients or special designs.
  • I value clarity, so we'll align on the number of design revisions you’d like.
5. After Our Meeting:
  • Fine-tuning the Design: Post our discussion, I'll refine our collaborated design. Once ready, I’ll share it for your final nod.
  • Final Touches: With the design approved, we’ll get into the specifics like delivery timings and setup needs.
  • Clear Communication: To ensure transparency, I maintain a comprehensive checklist. As we make decisions, I’ll mark them. This ensures everything is on track. Every decision, big or small, will be documented. This way, we remain synced from the get-go to the final reveal. 
Our collaboration promises a cake that's visually mesmerizing and resonates with your unique story. Let's begin this sweet journey together!

Simplifying the Cake Design Process

                               Q: How many people can come to the cake tasting & consult?
                               A: Limited to 4 people, the couple and
                                  There is one tasting per couple.
                              Q: If the bride or groom cannot make the appointment, can someone sit in for them?
                              A: Yes, someone may sit in for the bride or groom. Please note we only offer one consultation. However, if unforeseen circumstances come up please let me know as
                                   soon as possible and we can reschedule it. (Please note: this is on a case by case basis only)
                             Q: I want to serve desserts along with my cake. Do you offer these?
                             A: No not at this time, the reason is because its just me working on your cake. The time that I do have is spent perfecting every detail of your cake, design, delivery &
                                 set up.

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Most people don't know that I:

my family. 

My favorite people in the world is:

spend time at home.

When it's not wedding season, I:

seeing the bride's dress & final wedding cake.

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be a pastry chef teacher.

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a large coffee in my hand.

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